Blaster is a Guardian GoBot who turns into a mobile missile launcher tank. [1]

Animated seriesEdit

Blaster first appeared in the Challenge of the GoBots episode #5, "The Final Conflict" where he was among the Guardian GoBots who had captured the Renegade forces on GoBotron, but worried that an army of Zods were on their way. In this episode Blaster appeared in his 1983 yellow toy colors.

Blaster appeared in episode #46, "Destroy All Guardians". After being transported to Earth by the Astro Beam he helped form the Power Warrior Courageous to stop a group of cloned and mutated prehistoric reptiles from attacking Japan.[2]

Blaster appeared in the episode #50, "The Third Column" where he works in a Guardian weapons facility that was attacked by the Renegades. The attack was turned away by automated defenses.

He last appeared in the episode #59 "Mission GoBotron."


  • GoBots Blaster (1983)
A yellow version of the toy.
  • GoBots Blaster (1985)
A green and tan version of the toy.


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