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Block Head is a renegade GoBot who turns into a cement truck. He is one of the many Renegades loyal to Cy-Kill. He can turn into a cement truck which can generate massive amounts of quick-drying cement.

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Challenge of the GoBotsEdit

Because the episodes of Challenge of the GoBots were broadcast out of order the events of episodes #41-45 take place directly after episode #1-5.

Block Head appears in "The Fall of GoBotron" episode #43 as he and Bad Boy try to pick a fight with Turbo. [1]

Block Head appears in "Flight to Earth" episode #44 where he and Bad Boy collect the Guardians on GoBotron and take them to prison. [2]

In episode #38 of Challenge of the GoBots, "The Seer" Cy-Kill and his minions Block Head, Cop-Tur, Crasher and Pincher kidnap a young blind psychic named Shaun Roberts and his mother from Unecom with the help of the human traitor Major Benedict. Cy-Kill uses the brain stormer to read the boy's mind. Shaun and his mother are rescued by Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo and Van Guard. An overload by the brain stormer robs the boy of his psychic powers and he is returned home safely.[3]


  • GoBots Block Head (1984)


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