CG Robo (1993)Edit

In CG Robo (シージーロボ), the "CG" is short for "Change & Glow", pointing to the fact that this line of 14 figures not only transformed, but also had working lights and sounds. CG-01 to CG-05 were released in Europe with minor changes as part of the Robo Machines toyline.

CG # Name Vehicle Type
01 Patrol Car CG Police Car
02 Fire CG Fire Truck
03 Rescue CG Ambulance
04 Carrier CG Tank truck
05 4WD CG 4WD
06 Spy CG Sports Car
07 Armor CG Armored Car
08 Nozomi CG 300 Series Shinkansen
09 Dump CG Dump Truck
10 Crane CG Crane
11 Shovel CG Excavator
12 Tsubasa CG 400 Series Shinkansen
13 Dozer CG Bulldozer
14 Shuttle CG Space Shuttle
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