Devil Satan 6
  • Name: Devil Satan 6 (デビルサターン6)
  • Voice: Kenichi Ono
A Devil Commander that worked for the Gandler in Revenge of Cronos and later for Gurendos in Battle Hackers. Speaks in Kansai dialect. He is the combination of six monstrous robots. In the anime they are referred to by number instead of name:
  1. Gillhead: The head.
  2. Barabat: Left arm.
  3. Death Claw: Right arm.
  4. Groguillon: Torso.
  5. Eyegos: Right Leg.
  6. Blugoda: Left Leg.


  • His Gobots counterpart is Monsterous.
  • The Japanese name of the combiner team, Six Demon Combination Devil Saturn 6 (六鬼合体デビルサターン6), is a direct reference to the God Mars combiner from Six God Combination God Mars. However, the box of the Bandai toy spells it as "Devil Satan".[1]
  1. Mandarake
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