Geeper-Creeper is the name of a Renegade Gobot from the Gobots toy line and fiction.

Challenge of the Gobots Edit

Gobots character
Allegiance Renegades
Alternate mode(s) Jeep CJ-3B
Voiced by Unknown

Geeper-Creeper was one of the Renegade followers of Cy-Kill.

Animated seriesEdit

Geeper-Creeper first appears in "The Battle for Gobotron" episode #1.

In "It's The Thought That Counts" episode #6 Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Geeper-Creeper, Pincher, and Snoop attack a lab, but it is defended by Leader-1, Baron Von Joy, Blaster, Dozer, Dumper, Road Ranger, Scooter, Scratch and Turbo. Although the Guardians are winning the battle, an accidental backfire from Baron Von Joy's weapon allows the Renegades to escape.

In "The Fall of Gobotron" episode #43 after Cy-Kill takes over Gobotron Geeper-Creeper and Slicks are assigned to guard the modifier. They are lured away by Scooter and lead into a Guardian ambush by Turbo, Small Foot and Sparky.

Geeper-Creeper appears in "Flight to Earth" episode $44. He and Buggyman chase Scooter and Sparky on Gobotron.

In "Destroy All Guardians" episode #47 Geeper-Creeper and Tank are seen among Cy-Kill's guards on the Roguestar.

He also appears in "Escape from Elba" episode #48.

In "Clutch of Doom" episode #49 Geeper-Creeper is among the Renegades who put the captured Guardians Blaster and Vanguard in prison.

Geeper-Creeper appears in "The Third Column" episode #50 where he sides with Zero, who tries to take over the Renegades from Cy-Kill.


  • Gobots Geeper-Creeper (1983)
Geeper-Creeper is based on the Machine Robo toy MR-28. Geeper-Creeper was a basic sized Renegade toy. He came with a gun accessory which mounted on the vehicle. [1]


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