Herr Fiend
Doctor Go (aka Herr Fiend)
Affiliation Renegades
Sub-group Super Gobots
Alternate modes Porsche 928S
Series Gobots
English voice actor Philip L. Clarke

Herr Fiend is one of the Renegades. He is the resident Renegade mad scientist, and is depicted as speaking with a thick German accent. He is also known as Doctor Go.

His alternate mode of a Porsche 928S is identical to the Decepticon Transformer named Dead End.

Animated seriesEdit

In the animated Gobots series Herr Fiend is given the name "Doctor Go."

Doctor Go appears in "Battle for Gobotron" episode #1. It should be noted that due to animation errors the Renegade Doctor Go appears identical to Zeemon in the pilot series.

In "Doppleganger" episode #23 Cy-Kill has Doctor Go program robot duplicates of the Guardians using recordings he made of the real Guardians. When demonstrating the Space Bender weapon to Unicom, Leader-1 learns that the Renegades are attacking Washington. The Renegades ambush Leader-1 and replace him with his duplicate. Leading the Command Center back to Gobotron and getting rid of Scooter and Small Foot the Renegades then release duplicates of Path Finder, Rest-Q, Van Guard and Turbo. Small Foot and Scooter are able to capture the Turbo duplicate and learn where their friends are being held. Cy-Kill then replaces Good Knight. Using the duplicate Turbo the Guardians infiltrate the Renegade base, free the captured Guardians and escape from Spoons and Fitor. Although blocked by the Renegades, Scooter uses a hologram of Zod to make the Renegades flee. Making it back to Gobotron the Guardians are attacked by the Guardian duplicates. The real Guardians are able to defeat their duplicates with the aid of the real Zeemon, Hans-Cuff and Rest-Q. Cy-Kill then arrives in Thrustor with more duplicates, but Small Foot is able to stop with robots using the Space Bender device, which fuses their robot brains.

Doctor Go appears in "Cy-Kill Escapes" episode #41 as he and Bad Boy send a stealth device to the escaping renegades on the Gobot Prison Moon to cover their escape in a hidden ship.

Doctor Go appears in the feature film GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords where he uses the brain stormer on the female Rock Lord Solitaire. Due to animation errors in the film Doctor Go appears to resemble Baron Von Joy in the film, meanwhile in some scenes the Guardian Zeemon appears is occasionally depicted like Doctor Go.


  • Gobots Super Gobot Herr Fiend (1984)
Based on the Machine Robot line. Turns into a Porsche 928S.[1]


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