Hyper Jet Robo

Jet Robo (center) along side with his Sky Robos & his combining form - Hyper Jet Robo

  • Name: Jet Robo (ジェットロボ)
  • Number: MR-01L
  • Robot Height: 8.6m
  • Weight: 11.6 t
  • Vehicle Length: 6.9m
  • Wingspan: 7.2m
  • Vehicle Height: 2.8m
  • Weapon: Fire Extinguishing Ammunition Unit, Cryo-Bullet Unit for crude oil, Rescue Cage, Zone, Finger Flash
  • Transformation: Jet
  • Voice: Takuma Takewaka
Jet Team Leader. Can combine with the Sky Robos to form Hyper Jet Robo.
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