GoBots character
Allegiance Renegades
Alternate mode(s) JNR Class D51 Steam Train
Voiced by  ?

Loco is the name of a character in the Gobots toyline, and the subsequent Challenge of the GoBots cartoon. The character transformed into a steam train, hence his name.

Challenge of the Gobots

Loco is one of the soldiers of Cy-Kill.

Animated series

Loco was a long-serving Renegade, being a member of the Renegades before Cy-Kill defected from the Guardians, as seen in a flashback in the episode "Et Tu, Cy-Kill."

Loco first appeared in a seeming animation error sitting among Guardians in the Challenge of the GoBots episode "Conquest of Earth." He was later seen fighting in the defense of the Renegades' fortress on GoBotron.

He was used sporadically after that, most notably helping the cyborg arms dealer Trident hijack a shipment of UNICOM materials.

Loco appeared in episode #52, "Renegade Carnival" where worked on the Renegades' unsuccessful attempt to kidnap the psychic Mira.

Robo Machines


In the Eagle comic storyline, Loco was the only member of Stron-Domez' force to be completed at their short-lived factory in Birmingham. Soon after his activation, he was posted on guard duty, but the Security Forces Robo Machine Truck was able to sneak past him and free the captive human workforce. Loco was knocked out when the SF robot escaped. A few moments later, the Security Forces raided the factory, and Loco was gunned down, once again by Truck. He was deactivated, and his body presumably remains on board the Command Centre at the end of the serial.


  • Gobots Loco (1983)
Loco’s toy was a re-release of the Machine Robo Steam Robo figure (MR-05). It was first issued in 1983, and was available until the end of 1984. It was also released in Europe. [1]



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