Road Ranger is a heroic Guardian Gobot who turns into a semi-truck.


Road Ranger
Road Ranger

Japanese name Trailer Robo
Affiliation Guardian
Function Maintenance and Supplies
Alternate modes Semi-Truck
Series Gobots
English voice actor Eddie Barth

Road Ranger is one of the Guardians Go-Bots,.

Road Ranger's alternate mode is that of a semi-truck. He can fly in robot mode and has hand-mounted blasters.

Animated series

Road Ranger appears in "Wolf in the Fold" episode #33.

Road Ranger appears in "The Third Column" episode #42, where he works in a Guardian weapons facility that was attacked by the Renegades. The attack was turned away by automated defenses.

In episode #58, "It's The Thought That Counts" Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Jeeper-Creeper, Pincher, and Snoop attack the lab, but it is defended by Leader-1, Professor von Joy, Blaster, Dozer, Dumper, Road Ranger, Scooter, Scratch and Turbo. Although the Guardians are initially winning the battle, an accidental backfire from Professor von Joy's weapon allows the Renegades to escape.[1]


Road Ranger appeared under the name Truck in the Eagle story The Robo Machines. He is a member of the Security Force Robo Machines.


  • GoBots Road Ranger (1984)
Turns into a semi-truck with flatbed.[2]

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  • Gobots Road Ranger (1984)
Turns into a semi-truck with flatbed. [3]


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