Appears in episode 21. A tomboyish girl that lived in Cleo City. She transformed into a scooter. Her father is the Bulldozer Robo Pithus. Because she was a pubescent girl she was immune to the Devil Commander Nerve's hypnotic waves. She died delivering a bazooka blast to Nerve that allowed Baikanfu the chance to finish off the creature. Reincarnated in the OVAs as Sara Yamada.
  • Sara would seem to share the same transformation as Scooter Robo, although her robot mode and coloration do not match Scooter Robo.
  • Who exactly voiced Sara remains in question. The ending credits (which were sometimes wrong) list Yoshino Takamori, but Newtype lists Kyoko Hamura. Additionally, her appearance in Memories of the Battlefield is credited to Miho Yoshida.
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