Tank is the name of a character in the Gobots toyline, and the subsequent Challenge of the GoBots cartoon. The character transformed into a futuristic tank.

Challenge of the GoBots

GoBots character
Allegiance Renegades
Alternate mode(s) Destroyer Tank
Voiced by Peter Cullen

Tank is one of Cy-Kill's Renegade minons. His great physical strength and firepower mean he is often used to support the Renegades' operations. Tank is larger than most Gobots, and has considerable firepower. In tank mode, he can drive through walls or over cars without it even slowing him. His physical attributes are outweighed by his low intelligence.

Animated series

Tank first appeared in the Challenge of the GoBots series pilot

He was placed in command of the mind-controlled U.S. Army during Cy-Kill's first attempt to invade Earth, but was unable to successfully hunt down Turbo and Scooter in New York. Soon afterwards, he returned to Gobotron and was captured along with the other Renegades based in their fortress.

Tank appeared in "Flight to Earth"--episode 44.

Tank appeared in "Return of Gobotron"--episode 45.

In "Destroy All Guardians"--episode 47, Jeeper-Creeper and Tank were seen among Cy-Kill's guards on the Roguestar.

Robo Machines

In the Eagle comic storyline, Tank was a criminal thug on Robotron, before joining with Stron-Domez to undergo the Robo Machine process. Slow-witted but strong and belligerent, Tank's lumbering manner seemed to be a large reason why Stron-Domez' attempt to kill the President of Robotron failed. He did manage to make it off-planet with his master, and participated in the attack on Cholkham. However, a human drove a lorry into his leg, knocking him into Cy-Kill. Cy-Kill was less than pleased, and the pair brawled, disrupting the Renegades' attack. When the Security Force Robo Machines arrived a blast smashed Tank's arm, though he managed to make it back to Stron-Domez' ship under his own power. He was repaired by factory workers in Birmingham, only to be disabled almost immediately when the Security Forces attacked, his gun arm being destroyed by Night Ranger. He was captured, interned aboard the Command Centre and deactivated. Presumably his body is taken back to Robotron at the end of the series.


  • Gobots Tank (1983)
Tank’s toy was a re-release of the Machine Robo Battle Robo figure (MR-02). It was first issued in 1983, but was cancelled the following year. It was also released in Europe. [1]


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