Zod is a fictional character in the GoBots and Machine Robo story and toy line.


Zod is a giant, even among his fellow GoBots. Savage and bestial, he is one of Cy-Kill's most powerful weapons. Zod is considered the "Godzilla" of the GoBots.[1]

Animated seriesEdit

Zod is left on GoBotron during Cy-Kill's initial trip to Earth. He orders Fitor to not use Zod against the Guardians, as he will have use of him later.[2]

The Power Warrior Courageous defeats Ultra Zod.[3]

Scooter used a hologram of Zod to make the Renegades flee.[4]

Robo MachinesEdit

In the Eagle comic strip Robo Machines, Cy-Kill performed an operation on his master to convert him into Zod. Zod attacked the Command Centre, shooting down Royal-T, and later killing Carry-All. Zod still possessed the intellect of Stron-Domez, and was able to design the Devil Invaders, and oversee construction of the first Casmodon. However, soon after his stabilisers were disabled after being attacked by the Security Forces, and Cy-Kill abandoned him.


  • GoBots Zod
A motorized toy. Came with a lance that could deactivate him by pressing a button on his chest.[5]


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